The Staff

The Staff of the Fair Trading Commission is headed by the Executive Director and supported by three (3) Department Heads, namely, General Manager, Senior Legal Counsel & Competition Bureau Chief. A profile of each Department Head follows, together with the Commission's Organization Chart.


The Staff

Mr. David G. Miller - Executive Director

Mr. David Miller was appointed Executive Director of the Fair Trading Commission in November 2008; and is responsible for the daily operation of the Commission. This includes the investigation and evaluation of evidence regarding anticompetitive business practices which have a negative impact on the proper functioning of the market. The responsibilities include too, making appropriate recommendations to the Commissioners and the portfolio Minister, through the Commissioners. Primary responsibility is for the enforcement of the Fair Competition Act, which includes investigative, rule-making and compliance functions.

Since graduating with a Masters degree in Accounting, Mr. Miller has been employed in various industries within Jamaica and has accumulated in-depth financial, administrative and manufacturing experience which has allowed him to gain a comprehensive knowledge of Jamaica’s business sector. He has also served as Trustee to the Pension Plans of two organizations; and has accumulated in-depth financial, administrative and manufacturing experience in various industries in Jamaica which has allowed him to gain a unique perspective and comprehensive knowledge of Jamaica's business sector.

Mr. Miller served as General Manager and Secretary of the FTC from July 2000 to July 2008. In that capacity, he provided invaluable assistance to the Executive Director in the management of the day-to-day activities of the Commission in support of its mission of promoting competition by ensuring compliance with the Fair Competition Act. His responsibilities included corporate services, financial affairs, budget development and monitoring, personnel development and administration, public relations, and the development and maintenance of general administrative systems, policies and procedures.

He spearheaded the Commission’s initiatives to secure funding from international funding and developmental agencies for the purpose of improving the technical capacity of the FTC; and has worked extensively on several projects, funded by entities such as the United States Agency for International Development, the European Union, the Inter-American Development Bank and the United Nations Conference on Trade & Development.

Prior to joining the FTC as General Manager/Secretary, in July 2000, he was employed to Procter & Gamble Interamericas, Inc. (P&G) and P&G Foreign Sales Corporation where he managed the financial analysis and investments, and monitored the sales level, pricing strategy and administration expenses of P&G’s US$50M import/export business in the Caribbean and Latin America. He also served as General Manager of BRC (Jamaica) Limited – a leading manufacturer and distributor of bulk building materials.


Ms. Ann-Marie Grant - General Manager

Ann-Marie Grant was appointed General Manager of the Fair Trading Commission (FTC) in May 2009. As General Manager her responsibilities includes budget and financial management, public relations, human resources management and the development and maintenance of general administrative systems.  Ms. Grant brings to the position approximately eight and a half years of practical experience in the field of competition law and policy, after having been recruited by the Commission in October 2000 as a Competition Analyst.

Through her work as a competition economist, Ms. Grant has made significant contributions in aiding the Commission’s understanding of industries such as petroleum, health insurance, pharmaceutical, gaming and betting and commercial banking.  She was a key researcher in a study on competition law and policy within CARICOM; and also participated in the CSME Competition Law Sensitization Programme.  

While performing her substantive duties as a Competition Analyst, Ms. Grant served as Financial Specialist with respect to an institutional strengthening project undertaken by the FTC and funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) between 2005 and 2009.

Ms. Grant pursued her secondary education at Excelsior High School. Subsequent to which she pursued tertiary studies at the Mona Campus of the University of the West Indies where she graduated with a Bachelor's Degree majoring in Economics and Accounts (1998) and a Master's Degree in Economics (2000).  Her areas of specialization for her graduate studies were Microeconomics and Financial Economics.

Prior to joining to FTC, Ms. Grant worked at the Revenue Board and Income Tax Department (now Tax Audit and Assessment Department). 


Dr. Delroy Beckford - Senior Legal Counsel

Dr. Delroy Beckford is an Attorney-at-Law with practice interests in trade remedies, customs, and international economic law. A Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Beckford is also a Research Fellow at the Division of Global Affairs, Centre for Law and Justice, Rutgers University, Newark, New Jersey, and Co-Founder of the Global Trade Law and Development Centre. He was appointed Senior Legal Counsel in June 2007. Dr. Beckford is a Member of the Jamaican Bar Association and a Member of the American Society of International Law, where he is a Contributing Editor to its publication, International Legal Materials.

A past student of Jamaica College, he completed a Bachelor's degree in History and Political Science at the University of the West Indies in 1992, and in 1994 he completed a Bachelor of Laws degree, also at the University of the West Indies. In 2000, he completed his Master's degree in international commercial law at the Columbia University School of Law in New York, and in 2007 a Ph.D. in Global Affairs (specializing in International Economic Law) at the Division of Global Affairs, Centre for Law and Justice, Rutgers University, Newark, New Jersey, U.SA.

Prior to joining the Fair Trading Commission, Dr. Beckford worked as Legal Counsel to the Jamaica Customs Department, Litigation Associate at Dunn Cox, Group Legal Counsel to Caricom Investments Limited, Senior Legal Counsel to the Anti-dumping and Subsidies Commission, and has lectured at the University of the West Indies in public international law and the law of international economic development. His research interests include international business transactions law and the law relating to the World Trade Organization. His dissertation entitled "The Appellate Body's Interpretation of Trade Remedy Agreements: Exploring the Relationship between Judicial Activism and Power Asymmetries", examines the extent to which Appellate Body decisions that may be characterized as activist are attributable to power configurations within trade remedy disputes. Dr. Beckford is the author of the book Power and Judicial Activism in the WTO: The Appellate Body's Interpretation of Trade Remedy Agreements.


Dr. Kevin Harriott - Competition Bureau Chief

Kevin Harriott was appointed to the post of Competition Bureau Chief in July 2005. As head of the Competition Bureau, he participates in the planning, direction and management of the Fair Trading Commission and his responsibilities includes providing the Government and the public with economic analyses of market processes as they relate to antitrust, consumer protection and regulation.

In 1996, Kevin completed a Bachelor's degree as a Statistics major at the Mona campus of the University of the West Indies (UWI) where he delivered the valedictory address. After completing a Master's degree in Economics in 1998 at UWI, he worked in the Research and Economic Programming Division of the Bank of Jamaica for two years before pursuing further graduate studies in the United States of America. He graduated from Texas A&M University in August 2005 with a doctoral degree in Economics. His research interests include information economics and product differentiation, having specialized in the field of Industrial Organization. His dissertation entitled "Advertising and Consumer Search in Differentiated Markets," is a theoretical demonstration of the extent to which consumers' ignorance about a product's characteristics may be exploited by firms to acquire market power through the legitimate use of advertisements. (ILM).


Organizational Chart

Organization Chart


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