Case Reports

Upon the completion of an investigation into an activity within a specific sector which may be in breach of the Fair Competition Act. The staff produces a report which provides the relevant information on the matter being complained about. Following are the Staff’s reports on such investigations.
08/Dec/2011 Case No. 6997 Proposed Acquisition of Claro by Digicel
10/Jun/2011 Case No. 6529 Tank Weld Metals Limited
22/Jun/2010 Case No. 6489 Mossel Jamaica Limited
02/Aug/2006 Case No. 5895 Commercial Banks
02/Aug/2006 Case No. 5891 Gore Developments Limited
29/Apr/2004 Case No. 5102 Drug Serv Pharmacy Limited
01/Mar/2004 Case No. 5396 Airline Ticket Advertising
02/Aug/2002 Case No. 4257 Blue Cross of Jamaica Limited
20/Apr/2002 Case No. 3685 Grace Kennedy Remittance Services
01/Mar/2002 Case Nos. 3854 & 3893 Jamaica Lottery Company Limited
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  • Last modified: October 18, 2017